How to light for video phillips McIntosh introduction to lighting

Introduction to Lighting

Natural Light

  When shooting indoors and there is natural light on the set, you have three options:
     Block out the light with whatever is available, practical and safe.
     Overpower the light with artificial light.
     Integrate the natural light into the scene, keeping in mind colour temperature.
These options are listed in no particular order. The decision is usually made based on practicality of the situation.
Light can be bounced off a surface to function as a Fill or Back light. A similar result can be achieved by using a reflector or just polystyrene board.
If you can’t place a fill light effectively in the scene because it will be in-frame or there is no electricity, consider using a reflector to bounce the ambient light back on the subject or positioning a light so that it will throw light on the ceiling and reflect down on the subject.