How to light for video phillips McIntosh introduction to lighting

Introduction to Lighting

three point lighting The standard ‘ideal’ lighting arrangement is three point lighting.
It begins with a Key Light which is the hardest light and brightest on the subject.
The second light is the Fill Light, which is a soft light that is used to ‘fill’ the strong shadows cast by the Key Light and to raise the overall light levels.
The third light is the Back Light which functions to visually separate the subject from the background by creating a subtle glow around the edges of the subject.
A better image can be achieved when the lighting levels of the background can be controlled by background lights. By controlling how everything in the scene is lit, the Director of Photography can create an image that fully utilises all the fundamental design elements and principles to create an image that achieves the desired effect on the viewer.
One of the key effects is creating the illusion of depth, which helps focuses and direct the audience’s attention, creating a more engaging and interesting image.