How to light for video phillips McIntosh introduction to lighting

Introduction to Lighting

HMI Lights
HMI (Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide) is a type of light which uses an arc lamp instead of an incandescent bulb to produce light.
HMI lights require a ballast, an electronic (or magnetic) device which provides the ignition pulse and regulates the arc. Being 2 to 5 times as efficient more efficient than incandescent lamps, HMIs use less power to produce the same light and run cooler. They are also balanced to 5600K, the same as daylight. This makes daylight shooting easier, because you don’t need to use gels.

Halogen Work Lamp
Halogen work lamps can be purchased from most hardware stores. They are a cheap alternative to specifically designed industry lights, however are often used with industry equipment for additional effects.

They can be used as primary lights, but compensations must be made as you would need to use more lights and will have issues with multiple shadows.
When in doubt, you can use lots of these to just flood the set with light.