How to light for video phillips McIntosh introduction to lighting

Introduction to Lighting

The introduction stated that:
“The best images are made when everything is brightly lit with good use of lighting and shadow. If this isn’t possibly, make sure that everything is equally bright. This second option is often referred to as flooding the set with light or ‘flat’ lighting. Lastly, the poorest images are captured when no attention is paid to the lighting.”
Shadows add depth and emotion to the image. These are two elements that make a more engaging image.
It is, in order of preference, that:
1. Shadows are well used
2. Shadows are eliminated
3. Shadows are badly used
Audiences are more accepting of having no shadows in a scene than having bad shadows.
Photography and Film, like painting, is set in a two dimensional medium. Creating the illusion of depth always adds a wow factor and can be used to direct the viewers’ attention.